The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Weddings are incredibly exciting, but can also be very stressful. On the surface, many couples try to hide the pressure and anxiety they’re feeling, and might even feel ashamed that they’re struggling to cope with stress during a period that should be the ‘happiest time of their life’.

The truth is that every aspect of putting together an event as big as a wedding is a mammoth task in itself. It’s only natural that between worrying about your budget and how to make everyone happy, your mental health can fall down your list of priorities.


But if you begin dealing with your stress and finding tricks to help you manage it, it is definitely possible to enjoy the process of wedding planning and put the focus back on you, your relationship and your upcoming marriage.

We have partnered with the wonderful Phoenix Life Coaching to help you manage those pressure points which a range of hints, tips and tricks to get you back in the game!


The feelings of stress, anxiousness or nervousness are quite natural especially when planning a wedding.

Whether you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the wedding speech, nervous about the first dance or generally worried about the spiralling costs of the wedding day, we have some really easy tips to help you bring things back into perspective and take control of the situation.

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MANAGING difficult conversations

Struggling to agree on the guest-list? Scared to ask your parents for financial support? Or perhaps you’re finding it daunting broaching the subject of children.

The simple fact is that every wedding will encounter difficult conversations, it’s how you approach and deal with those conversations that’s key to a successful outcome.

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Negotiation Skills

Finding it difficult to clarify what you really want from your conversations?

All conversations, be them wedding related or otherwise, will require you to understand what outcome you would like. Understand what is essential and what is negotiable and tee yourself up for success!

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Time Management

Take your list and THEME IT UP! Lock that door – NO DISTRACTIONS!

Use your calendar as your best friend and be methodical with outlined ‘chunks of time.’ Remain focused and tick those activities off the list!

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Reducing Overwhelm

It’s all about priorities – Can you manage 3 per day! That’s 21 tasks per week! – Now you’re talking!

Pick up the pen, grab your note book and write them down!

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