How will I know? – Dude, you’re in way too deep! If this question still remains, get back on the flaming sambucas and carve up that dance floor, you’re not ready my son!
For those of us who do know, you’re going to get some banter from the lads when you eventually dirty that knee, the wolf pack will soon be one less mutt!
But you’re a man right?! A guy who knows what he wants from life?! Don’t let the mockery of the single crowd put you off your game… You’ve got this!
Most likely, your girlfriend is one of your best mates, if not THE best mate! Your relationship is one of a kind. You make each other laugh (most days). Why would you not want to spend the rest of your life laughing?!
What’s the alternative; cuddling up on a hungover sofa Sunday to hairy Dave? (I think we all know the answer to that question).
Stop doubting your feelings and embrace what’s meant to be – You’re destined to be a husband however weird it sounds!!