As soon as the engagement ring hits the finger, the lads are on you! Well.. In fact you have no say in the proceedings, and as the boys like to say…’it’s their stag, not yours!’

You sit in fear for months, wondering what they have in store for you. If you’re lucky you get to find out snippets of information alluding to your fate!

Those who aren’t so lucky spend months pleading with the best man to ‘make sure you stay alive’ to which the reply is always a ‘you’ll find out soon enough’ smirk!

The day arrives and you wake up as nervous as a 5 year old before an egg and spoon race. She kisses you goodbye and emphasises the final goodbye statement.. ‘BEHAVE YOURSELF!’ The best man gets hold of you and you’re on your way!

For those stags that have been through the above, all you know is that you probably never want to do it again – even though it was the best weekend (second to the wedding of course!)

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