The thought hit me. I put it to the back of my mind! And again. REALLY? This can’t be right? Am i Ready? Is this the one? What if she says no..!?

As a 25 year old rugby lad, the thought of getting married was an all too distant thought through my early twenties. Then suddenly, from nowhere, the thought was ever prevalent in my mind.

Natalie and i had been together for 3 years with fun and good times forming the basis of our relationship. If i’m honest, I suppose i knew early on that she was the one, but the thought was pushed firmly to the back of my mind. I’m a lad, the weekend warrior, enjoying myself far too much to get married. Right?!

Before I knew it I was in the jewellers, massively out of the comfort zone!! I left with the bank account a lot lighter and a little black box. Could i really pull this off? How was i going to do it? What an idiot. I should have thought of this before!

In my haste I was now in struggle street and in need of THE BEST proposal idea ever!

For those lads in the same boat, Groom to Groom are on the hunt for the 10 best proposal ideas of all time…

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