So, by now your bum has definitely been twitching like a rabbits’ nose! How am I going to stand in front of 100+ people and tell them how much I love my wife, be ‘cool’ and funny at the same time?

Chill the beans Shapeshifter – Let’s bring this back to basics! People love the truth, the whole truth and nothing bet the truth; with a big slice of humour and a side of flattery for your gorgeous wife.

DO NOT try and be Billy big balls,

DO NOT embarrass your wife and;

DO NOT have 10 ‘Dutch courage’ nerve settlers before-hand!

However, your speech is YOURS and you should say whatever you feel is right. Now, I’m no expert and by no means a professional speaker, but what I do know is, by the time the wedding speeches come around, most of your guests are five beers deep, and whilst your speech is important, the tipsy rabble are ready to party! 

Keep it funny, keep it to 10 minutes and most of all… Keep it real!

For those struggling with ‘speechspiration’, I’ve found the ultimate speech guide, check it out here:

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