Grooms, Ushers, Bestmen and anyone else that will listen… I’d like to introduce myself and explain to you what Groom to Groom is, and how it came about.

I’m Greg from South Wales, 5ft11, dark hair, green eyes and struggling with strawberry facial hair (awkwardness over).

Now thats out the way, let me start with where the idea of Groom to Groom began. In 2014 I married Natalie, a graphic designer and overly zealous Pinterester. Like many guys I was really struggling to get excited about the wedding planning. Whilst my fiancée was trawling the internet on a daily basis and planning for what seemed like twenty weddings, the only thing I had to look forward to was a new pair of shoes and a tie i’d never wear again. I do joke, but in reality, I found there wasn’t anything out there tailored to men getting married, and very little to get me anywhere near as excited as my wife to be.

Now I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy my wedding, in fact, I absolutely loved it. And I did manage to find a great suit, awesome cars and had an amazing Stag Do – But I did have to work pretty hard to find it all. What if there was a place us grooms could visit, with the inspiration we need all in one place…

So post wedding, I set about thinking up the Groom to Groom idea. My wife and I discussed it over a few beers and I bought a domain name. And, drum roll… That’s where it all ground to a halt! Work, baby, two house moves and renovation later, the idea dwindled into the abyss (a bit like my bank account leading up to our wedding day!).

Then, during a catch up with a mate (who happens to be a best man at his friend’s wedding), I mentioned the idea. Many flat whites later, ‘The home of Groomspiration’ was alive.

So how does it work? We’ll share inspiration of the latest trends and artisan makers in the wedding industry all focused on the Groom. From the suit to the stag and anything in between. We’d love to work with bijou companies to showcase what there is out there for guys and, how easy it is to find these places if you know where to look.

But ultimately, allow guys a place to interact, share ideas and to enjoy the wedding process as much as their better halves, because if we’re honest, this is probably the most amount of money we’ll ever spend on one day in our whole lives!