It was a miracle she said yes and with the 2 weeks of Facebook and Instagram hand selfies all but over, it’s time to chat about the reality… ‘When are we getting married?!’

Your initial 5 year thoughts are firmly overturned with a mere raise of the eyebrow!! Moving in 6 monthly increments; if you’re lucky you agree between 2-3 years, or if not, the words ‘I don’t want a long engagement’ go down like a warm Guinness on match day, and it’s agreed; 18 months and counting!

Checking your bank account, you knew the repeated weekends of jaeger bombs and cheeky chilli’s at 3am would catch up with you at some point. The harsh reality hits.. You couldn’t buy your socks for the wedding let alone anything else!

You sit around a computer spread sheet and tentatively work out the cost of your wedding. Everything in multiples of thousands and you wonder why the hell you proposed in the first place!! Sweating like a nun in a cucumber factory, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

After 2-3 painful hours you finally agree your monthly saving rate and know that even that isn’t going to cut the mustard. You’ll need help… What are family for ay?!

With family contributions looming you spend your weekends confined to the house with a glass of water and a worm for sustenance (ok, maybe a bit too far!) But the reality is, you know that if your family are saving for YOUR wedding, you can’t be seen to spend money on takeaways, clothes or nights out on the town!

The lads torment you, and after the 10th time of saying no, you sneak to a house party like a covert ninja and get absolutely shit faced by 9pm!

Nursing a hangover the next day (without a Maccy D’s due to cost), you suddenly realise the true sacrifice made in the name of love. The days of freedom and lavish spending are over… you’re a husband now Harry!