This weeks’ guest blogger is Alan. As you can see from the awesome photos, Alan is a proud Scotsman and married his English bride Kimberley with a fantastic display of ‘Scenglish’ character! Alan and Kim got married on the 7th April 2012 in the breathtaking Roman Baths.

When asked how he proposed, Alan said, ‘We were in the Dominican Republic and I dressed up as the one and only Santa Claus! Why not, it was boxing day! The problem was that Kim couldn’t hear what I said because I had a beard over my mouth!’ – Nearly a lucky escape Al – Nearly!

Alan quickly learnt that to be a good wedding planner, you have to enjoy the process! He recalls, ‘I actually secretly enjoyed the planning. I liked tasting the different menus, designing the stationery and going and visiting live bands. I even enjoyed dance lessons in prep for the first dance!’ Ashley Banjo eat your heart out! However, Alan did say that if he could change anything about planning, ‘I would start it as early as possible as we packed in too much.’

Prior to getting the vows pronounced, there was a stag weekend to attend. Alan’s groomsmen took him to Bath on the Friday night for a ‘cheese and wine tasting’ evening – Pinocchio was number one on the guest list! Saturday was an activity day, including quad biking and go karts, followed by a cheesier affair in Bristol in the evening – Pop World being the location of choice!

Alan and Kims’ wedding sounded top draw from start to finish. Alan commented, ‘The wedding was pretty bespoke as we were organising everything separately ourselves. As such, we had total control over everything, which meant we could do things exactly the way we wanted. As I’m Scottish and live in Bath, it had some Scottish themes, i.e. pipers, kilts etc.’

‘We also used some pretty cool venues such as the Guildhall and the Roman Baths. Above all though, we had a brilliant group of friends and family there who really made it. We also hired out a great venue the day before the wedding to allow everyone to meet and get to know each other beforehand.’ Alan also had his groomsmen around his house the night before the wedding just so they could get to know each other better. Alan promised that, ‘Only a couple of whiskies were consumed – Nothing too heavy!’

On the day, the couple had some great entertainment such as a brilliant band, a string quartet. Alan added, ‘My wife had organised dancers from her school to come in and perform and we also had a Scottish pipe band at the Roman Baths and musicians in the church’. We asked Alan what the best part of his wedding day was? In true gent style, Alan said ‘It’s a bit cliché, but seeing Kim walk down the aisle!’

The happy couple decided to get each other a present for their wedding day. Kim opted to get Alan an engraved iPad (as Alan is a bit of a tech geek), whereas Alan got Kim a set of diamond earrings to match the engagement ring – Well played sir!

We asked Alan to tell us a funny story about his wedding day. Hiding the smirks, Alan said, ‘We were the last people standing on the dance floor at the end of the night and had to be practically chucked out of the Guildhall. My wife and I had planned the wedding down to a tee, except for how WE were actually going to get home. We therefore had to walk to the taxi rank in our posh frocks and hail down a cab! So much for ending the night in style!’ – Don’t worry Alan, no one saw you, the kilt and wedding dress was very inconspicuous!


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