Taste of Bath

This week’s guest blog is one that’s really close to my heart… or should I say stomach! For those foodies amongst you, listen up, this one’s QUALITY. BRANDED. PERSONALISED.

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Kith and Kin

It’s probably the only time you will get all of your friends and family in the same place at the same time, so it was great to have such a relaxed day where we could both have fun and chat to everyone.

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10 Years of Marriage

Marriage is a journey, a road that we travel – two people finding their way through life together, loving unconditionally, sharing precious moments and ultimately being there for each other.

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The Finer Detail

The Groomsmen all wore boxer shorts with photos of pugs on them (we have a pug called Missy) so we thought this would be an appropriate addition’. Oh Paul, you naughty pugger!

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Simple Yet Significant

Sophisticated yet personable, stylish 3-piece suits don the industrial style rails on either side of the store, with accessories and garments creatively placed to compliment the former.

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A Father’s Love

I’ve cried during a few of these moments. Father’s and father figures on their daughter’s wedding day show real love. It’s a deep, deep love that only a daughter knows and can feel.

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The Speech

So, by now your bum has definitely been twitching like a rabbits’ nose! How am I going to stand in front of 100+ people and tell them how much I love my wife, be ‘cool’ and funny…

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If the shoe fits…

Our main ethos is that customer service and a quality product is paramount. We strive to make every single person who walks through our doors feel special and cared for.

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The Stag

As soon as the engagement ring hits the finger, the lads are on you! Well.. In fact you have no say in the proceedings, and as the boys like to say… ‘it’s their stag, not yours!’

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Saving the Sheckles

It was a miracle she said yes and with the 2 weeks of Facebook and Instagram hand selfies all but over, it’s time to chat about the reality… ‘When are we getting married?!’

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Asking Dad

…The thought makes you shake like a squatting dog! How am I going to pull this one off? More to the point, What’s he going to say?

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The One

How will I know? – Dude, you’re in way too deep! If this question still remains, get back on the flaming sambucas and carve up that dance floor, you’re not ready my son!

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