The thought makes you shake like a squatting dog! How am I going to pull this one off? More to the point, What’s he going to say?

You dwell over the perfect moment, but in reality, it never comes. The other half pops out and you know it’s at least a half hour hair appointment of shopping trip. This is your chance! You tell yourself ‘You’re the Daddy’ and this is going to be a breeze, but in reality you stumble at least 10 times on ‘The Green Mile’ march!

The 11th time and you’re too far gone to turn back. You have to say something. You consider making small talk but you’re here now and this is YOUR MOMENT! You stammer slightly as you say something like, ‘I was hoping we could have a chat.’ – This outlaw knows the crack! They smirk under their cold exterior.

Again you stumble trying to find the right words, and eventually, somehow end up in a big future son- in-law man hug! Back slapping and handshakes consume the situation and a celebratory pint is suggested.

Now you’ve asked the main man, sh*t just got real! The mother-in-law to be needs to keep the inevitable secret while you begin the psych-up session for the biggest moment of your life – No pressure! 

For those feeling the heat, stick around, the best is yet to come! We’re looking for your #proposalspriation

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