The tears, they come! …I see it often.

Guest blogger Marc Smith from Marc Smith photography and videography was kind enough to share his perspective on a Father’s love for their daughters — Tissues at the ready!

I’ve cried during a few of these moments. Fathers and father figures on their daughter’s wedding day show real love. It’s a deep, deep love that only a daughter knows and can feel. It’s a love that will be with you both forever. I’m luck to be able to remind people of the love that exists in their life and of the moments they are about to witness.

Seeing your daughter getting married will possibly be one of the proudest moments in your life.

What do fathers do in the run up?

Some just hold the cheque book and sign away, whilst others get involved and love every part of the planning. What I have witnessed, is no matter how much or how little has gone on during the lead up, fathers come to bloom on the most important day of all.

What do fathers do before that magical moment when they witness their daughter in her dress for the first time?

Some fathers just sit, wait and watch the chaos of hair and makeup all unfold whilst grabbing a bacon butty. Some seek quiet and calm. Some put on the slap stick apron and get stuck in. Some frantically make final edits to the speech and others just boil an egg. Some even have to get their hands oily and fix the broken down vintage camper van whilst some just like to look out the window to check the weather. Some can’t even bring themselves to look at their daughter as the emotion overcomes them.

The father and The ceremony

Watching as they walk down the aisle holding her arm so tight, unable to let her go. The giving away, and the moment they pass her hand to her husband to be. Sometimes, I get to see a father actually conduct the ceremony and I can tell you, this is an emotional wedding!

The speeches that bring back childhood memories, not setting out to embarrass, but just simply a father remembering when he had a tiny little girl. The father and daughter first dance. The tears, they come! …I see it often.

Having accompanied my sister down the aisle at her wedding last year, I too can echo Marc’s perspective. Unable to experience a Father’s love, but proud in the knowledge that I would be filling some extremely large shoes and wanting to do Dad justice.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Marc has a certain knack for capturing the bond between father and daughter in his photography. 

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